Elsmere Canyon "Circles"

These "circles" on, and off, of the trail were caused by a horse being led, or ridden, around in a circle. As you can see, this destroys the trail and, after a rain, pools are created. Doing this is illegal. If you see it being done, report it to the ranger, but you probably shouldn't confront the culprit. Someone with easy access to the canyon is doing this. They also must be riding there a lot.

As you hike into the canyon, here is the first circle

Here it is on 4/21/2011. It is still being used.

Same circle after rain

This circle is not near the trail, so you probably won't see it

Same circle after rain

This circle can be seen from the road, but is just below it next to the creek

Here is the lastest (as of March 2012) circle on one of the recently abandoned oil well sites near the bottom of the canyon