Looking northeast toward San Fernando Road Park-and-Ride. Highway 14 out of picture to the left.

Looking north toward mouth of Elsmere Canyon, Highway 14, and Newhall

Looking north toward Highway 14/San Fernando Road interchange just above previous picture

Looking north - Highway 14 in background

Looking south at Elsmere Mountainway. Elsmere Canyon at right. Note that the fire jumped the trees at the bottom of the canyon.

Looking southwest toward Elsmere Canyon

Looking south as we descend further down Elsmere Mountainway

Looking west at canyon wall

Looking northwest

Looking east where Elsmere Mountainway meets the bottom of the canyon

Looking northeast at powerlines near bottom of canyon

Close to previous picture

Looking north at bottom of canyon

Looking north at bottom of canyon just past previous picture

Looking southwest (downstream) in northeast fork of Elsmere Canyon